Cholesterol Treatment

Coconut Oil And Cholesterol

High cholesterol levels have become one of the most common health hazards in the present day scenario. These days, various things are being linked with lowering cholesterol levels. One of them is coconut oil. Can coconut oil really help lower cholesterol levels? Let us find out.

Coconut oil does have some effect as far as lowering cholesterol is concerned. One of the prime factors why coconut oil is able to control cholesterol levels is its ability to stimulate thyroid function. When the body contains sufficient quantities of thyroid hormone, the excess cholesterol is converted into various hormones using enzymatic processes.

Various enzymes in the body convert excessive cholesterol into anti aging hormones, progesterone, pregenelone and DHEA. These hormones are essential for various body functions and are vital to prevent various health disorders such as obesity, senility, heart diseases etc. Thus, use of coconut oil ensures usage of cholesterol for productive purposes.

Due to the various health benefits of coconut oil, various health experts suggest the use of coconut oil for cooking purposes as a part of cholesterol lowering diet. Even if coconut oil does not help bring down the cholesterol levels, it does ensure that your cholesterol levels do not go up.

Unlike other saturated fats that get deposited in the arteries, coconut oils contain saturated fats that are burned off immediately on consumption. These fats present in coconut oil are not converted into cholesterol. As a result, your cholesterol levels remain constant. Hence coconut oil serves as a healthier alternative to saturated fats. Using them as a part of your daily diet can help a great deal in stabilizing the cholesterol levels.

Whilst coconut oil is helpful in reduction of cholesterol levels, not every type of coconut oil will serve the purpose. You need to carefully select coconut oil when trying to bring down cholesterol levels. Look for coconut oil that is absolutely free from trans fatty acids. Try to look for absolutely pure form of coconut oil which is unrefined, unbleached and non-hydrogenated. Coconut oil that is excessively processed to remove the natural color and odor will not help stabilize cholesterol levels.

There is absolutely no two ways about the fact that coconut oil is beneficial for those suffering from high cholesterol levels. However, coconut oil cannot be taken as a complete treatment to the problem. Thus, it is important that you use coconut oil as a part of various lifestyle changes to keep your cholesterol level in control. Coconut oil alone cannot substitute for a treatment.

So, use coconut oil along with your cholesterol lowering medications and you are likely to control the problem in a much better manner.