Cholesterol Treatment

How Can Garlic Help Control Cholesterol?

Garlic is one of the most effective natural supplements to control cholesterol. If you happen to be obese and are likely to have increased cholesterol content, you can better check it by continuing to consume garlic in plenty. Garlic not only lowers cholesterol content but also helps you in several other ways.

Cholesterol reduction could be better checked by garlic. It is the best natural method to keep the cholesterol levels under control and thus keep away any cardiovascular diseases. It also helps in cholesterol absorption by the intestine.

Since consumption of garlic won't give way to any side effects, its regular usage is a safe remedy. It stimulates nitric oxide secretion that plays a role in stopping cholesterol related maladies. Garlic is blessed with great antioxidant effect, so its regular consumption would stop the way for oxidation of LDL cholesterol. This in turn would inhibit plaque formation in arteries thereby reducing the possibility of all cardiology related problems or coronary heart diseases.

Blood pressure and diabetic patients are particularly advised to consume garlic, because along with cholesterol control, it benefits the body in several other ways. Its Allicin, B6 and Selenium content too help in cholesterol reduction. The Diallyl Sulphides content of garlic is of vital importance because it helps in reducing cholesterol of LDL type. It enhances circulation of blood by widening the arteries.

For quick effects, you can put crushed clove of garlic in hot water and take this juice two to three times a day. If you have high cholesterol level, use garlic regularly in your food as this will lower your cholesterol level naturally. However, in severe cases, you may opt for cholesterol medication. For more information, access cholesterol management guides. However, they would also advise you to use garlic for cholesterol regulation and fat reduction.