Cholesterol Treatment

Is Alcohol An Efficient Remedy For High Cholesterol?

High cholesterol is a widely spread complication among people. Although it could be successfully curbed by exercises and dietary regulations, synthetic medications are also available for extreme cases. But all these medications are prescription medications. And only non prescription medication, other than natural products, is ALCOHOL.

Yes, it's a widespread connotation that, alcohol if taken in a moderate amount could help you regulate bad cholesterol by increasing the amount of HDL or good cholesterol. Although there exists an inverse connection between alcohol consumption and high level of bad cholesterol, alcohol's efficacy remains overestimated in curbing high cholesterol.

A good number of studies have been done to establish a relation between alcohol intake and its effect on cholesterol reduction. A research carried out in Denmark revealed that folks with high level of LDL cholesterol, if indulge in alcohol consumption, are likely to reduce there chances of developing coronary artery diseases. According to the finding alcohol proves particularly helpful when LDL concentration is very high.

In another research it has been found that women who are through with their menopause could reduce their chances of heart diseases by consuming alcohol in a regulated amount. Among these women alcohol serves the same function of increasing HDL thus help LDL move out of blood circulation. In some of the post menopausal women, it has also been found reducing LDL.

However some contradictory inferences of researches have also come into light which suggest that liquor consumption could increase rate of bad cholesterol. A research done on rabbit revealed that alcohol intake gave way to almost fifty percent rise in LDL. And it was found that with more consumption of alcohol, high cholesterol situation in rabbits worsened. But this finding is yet to be proved against human.

In addition to increasing HDL, alcohol also helps in increasing rate of cholesterol absorption by intestine. Once this excessive bad cholesterol gets absorbed in intestine there are lesser chances of its excess accumulation in blood. Thus risk of cardiovascular maladies gets reduced. Alcohol also happens to prevent thrombosis and plaque formation in arteries thus greatly reduces chances of stroke.

Once you develop cardiovascular disease due to high level of bad cholesterol, there is no point using alcohol. As alcohol is a remedy for cholesterol not for heart complications. It could be better termed as preventive for cardiovascular complications arising out of high cholesterol. Alcohol is often prescribed to diabetic people who often develop high cholesterol and carry greater risk of heart diseases.

Despite these evidences American Heart Association disfavors use of alcohol to curb high cholesterol and to work as a preventive for cardiovascular diseases.