Cholesterol Treatment

Natural Remedies To Lower Cholesterol

If you don't want to use medications to control your cholesterol levels then you can go for some natural remedies to lower it. These natural remedies are cost effective as well as are free from any side effects.

Exercise regularly on treadmill
Exercise proves to be very effective to lower cholesterol. If you are short of time and can not go out for exercises then you can buy a treadmill at home. Regular workouts are suitable for reducing cholesterol levels and can greatly help you control your excess cholesterol.

Have a diet plan
Along with exercise, a strictly maintained diet plan could be suitable to your needs. You must avoid taking saturated protein rich foods such as beef, pork and red meat. Even egg and milk should be avoided, though you can go for skimmed milk. You should consume whole grain foods in plenty. Garlic could be one of the best natural remedies to lower cholesterol. It reduces deposition of LDL in arteries, thus preventing coronary heart disease or cardiovascular problems.

Consumption of fish oil could also serve the purpose of reducing cholesterol deposition in the body. Curcumin derived from turmeric and Psyllium fiber has proved to be very effective in reducing cholesterol. A resin called golgul gum could also be used for the same.

Apart from the above, consumption of vegetables, especially green vegetables could be increased. Fiber foods should be preferred. The food products rich in niacin and amino acid should be consumed in plenty. Vitamin E, B3 and A help maintain normal cholesterol levels. All foods rich in these vitamins should thus be consumed.

Use natural health supplements
Endogenic supplements help you get rid of excess glucose deposition permanently. It could be consumed in consultation with your doctor. Isoflayones and Beta glucon are two such supplements.

Apart from the above, you can meet a doctor and get your exercise and diet plan set by him. This will further manifold the benefits.