Cholesterol Health Issues

Cause And Effect Of High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol

High cholesterol level could result in various complications. One of the most common consequential maladies of high cholesterol is high blood pressure. People who suffer from diabetes often fall prey to high cholesterol, which further ensures high blood pressure for them.

High blood pressure in consonance with high level of blood cholesterol often gives way to stroke. If you are simultaneously afflicted with these two complications, you need to be very careful about yourself. Quick steps should be taken to reduce high level of LDL.

You must not overlook the urgency of curbing high blood pressure arising out of excessive deposition of LDL cholesterol. Some people remain unknown of already developed high cholesterol till it gives way to greater discomfort. Normally if you are above forty and seem to be grappled with constant hypertension, you should go for a blood cholesterol test to find out whether you have attained high level of cholesterol.

High level of blood pressure indicates that your heart exerts extra pressure on outgoing blood to keep circulatory system in function. This additional pressure on blood is termed high blood pressure. Arterial plaque due to excessive bad cholesterol deposition could be one of the possible causes of BP. Usually low density cholesterol in blood has a tendency of combining with blood sugar among diabetics giving way to arterial blockage or narrowing of arteries. This in turn facilitates hypertension. That's why hypertension is a common occurrence among people ailing with diabetes of type 2. Even patients of cardiovascular maladies suffer from high BP due to same reason of arterial plaque formation.

When arteries get narrowed, it's quite obvious that smoothness of blood circulation would be gone and in order to maintain speed of blood flow, the heart would need to exert a little extra force on outgoing blood.

Usually cholesterol affects diastolic pressure of blood. Most of the people, who die of strokes, suffer from a combination of diastolic pressure of blood and Hypercholesteremia. People afflicted with obesity often develop hypertension because of plasma cholesterol. Coronary heart disease could be a
consequence of it.

Among elderly folks constant occurrence of hypertension due to cholesterol could be disastrous as it could even give way to Alzheimer.

Cholesterol provoked high blood pressure is a common occurrence in America. For those afflicted with this twin problem I would rather suggest to seek refuge in dietary controls. It could be best possible solution of hypertension triggered by cholesterol.