Cholesterol Health Issues

Some Quick FAQs on Cholesterol

Cholesterol is an integral part of the building blocks of the human body what is important is that the cholesterol levels must stay under control. If not kept under control, they could lead to a lot of other health problems and cause much of damage to your body. Here are a few quick answers to some of your most commonly asked questions about cholesterol.

What is the appropriate HDL and LDL ratio in a person?
An HDL level of less than 40 hg/dL is said to be low while if it is lower than 30 hg/dL then it is said to be very low! The levels of LDL are closely related to the health condition of the individual. For example, if someone has heart disease then he is recommended to have LDL levels lower than 100 hg/dL. However, if there are no additional risk factors present then a person with high LDL but 60 HDL is said to be at no risk.

What diet should I take to lower triglycerides?
A triglycerides level of lower than 150 mg/dL is said to be normal when tested via a fasting test. When the HDL levels are low, high triglycerides level could invite a lot many coronary heart diseases.

As far as diet is concerned, reduce your daily calorie intake. Lose excessive weight as it would serve as your first step towards lowering triglycerides levels. Eliminate alcohol completely from you daily routine. There are no special foods that you could take to lower triglycerides but eating all cholesterol free foods is recommended.

Lipitor or Zocor- which one is a better cholesterol drug?

Lipitor and zocor are both the members of the statins family of drugs. They are both used to lower the LDL levels and raise the HDL levels in the individuals. Choice among the two lies entirely upon your doctor who would take a look at the complete condition and look for the various risk factors in your individual case before prescribing you any of the two.

While Lipitor is a slightly costlier drug than Zocor, it surely doesn't make it better than the latter one. Let your doctor look in to your case history and decide the better drug for you.

Do cholesterol lowering medicines hamper a child's growth?
If it is a child who is suffering from high cholesterol levels then the doctors are generally very considerate about making a choice of the medicines. There are mixed opinions about cholesterol lowering drugs hampering the growth of children. However, initially high cholesterol in children is handled with the help of diet. Ion case it doesn't work, they are put on medication.