Cholesterol Health Issues

Frequently Asked Questions about Cholesterol

You might have heard about Cholesterol a lot many times but what you have heard may not be enough. So, here are some commonly asked questions about cholesterol that would answer all your doubts.

Am I at the risk of developing high cholesterol?

Anyone can suffer from high cholesterol levels but there are a few conditions that if exist are more likely tom result in high cholesterol levels in you. These conditions are:
* If you eat more than 3 eggs per week.
* If you have a family history of high cholesterol.
* If you regularly eat whole-milk dairy products.
* If you usually binge on snacks like potato chips, candies and butter popcorn.
* If you do not exercise for at least half an hour, 3- times a week

How would my lifestyle affect my cholesterol levels?

A few things about your lifestyle could affect your cholesterol levels in a big way. If you happen to smoke or are overweight then you are surely at a higher risk of having high cholesterol levels. Also, what you eat and what is the level of physical exercise that you indulge in has an effect on your cholesterol levels.

Do my age and my gender also play a role?
Whether you are a male or female the cholesterol levels start to go up after 20 years of age. As you get older the risk of heart diseases induced by high cholesterol levels keeps increasing. It is till the age of 45 years that cholesterol levels in men tend to stay higher. Therefore a man in his 40's is at a higher risk of heart diseases than a woman in her 40's.

How can I go about taking lesser calories safely?
Losing calories is not an easy game but you could go about doing it gradually. By taking a brisk walk in the morning and limiting your calorie intake in the afternoon and at night you could easily cut down on your calorie intake quite easily. Also, it would not be drastic reduction and so would not affect you much! You could also keep a food diary and thus keep a track of what all you are eating without a hitch!

What's my first step towards leading a cholesterol problem free life?

A healthy lifestyle is the first step towards a life free from all cholesterol problems. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, keep a check on your calorie intake, take no alcohol, get enough rest and take the prescribed medicine in time. All these initiatives would form your first step towards living a problem free life.