Cholesterol Advice

A Diet High On Fiber and Low on Cholesterol

One of the major reasons for high cholesterol levels is a faulty diet. Coupled with a sedentary lifestyle a high cholesterol diet is almost an instant recipe for cardiovascular disease. A high level of cholesterol is a problem that is usually reversible. It takes patience, perseverance and discipline, but it can be achieved.

Let us start with the basics. In case cholesterol levels need to be reduced then the first step to take is to change the problem area, the diet. That is the reason that cholesterol levels rise, in the first place. As far as the diet is concerned, the one basic thing to remember is a sense of proportion and balance. Its not about what you eat, it is also about the way you eat. More of that later, let us come back to the basics first.

I ncreasing the fiber content in our diet helps us to reduce cholesterol. Fiber or roughage helps us in digestion and reduces the absorption of dietary cholesterol. Fiber also helps to give us a feeling of satisfaction and definitely helps us to eat less. Fiber has a direct effect on the health of the colon and a lack of fiber in our diet may be responsible for colon cancer.

Eating foods that are low in cholesterol usually translates to eating foods that are low in saturated fats, Trans fats and dietary cholesterol. Eggs, red meat and dairy products are foods that are high on cholesterol. We should limit the consumption of such foods. We can easily substitute chicken for red meat or eat lean red meat.

Eating sensibly and getting plenty of exercise will definitely help us to cut down our cholesterol levels.