Cholesterol Advice

A Suitable Cholesterol Diet Plan Can Help You to Reduce Cholesterol

If you have recently got your blood cholesterol levels checked and have found that your cholesterol levels are high, then it is time for you to make some tough decisions. High cholesterol is an unhealthy situation that can lead to deposition of plaque in your arteries and can be a precursor to heart disease.

The time to take action is now. Consult your family physician. Take a good, hard and cold look at your lifestyle and diet. Diet plays a very important role in making us what we are and it is the first thing that we need to control or modify if we have high blood cholesterol levels

Any sort of medication that the doctor will prescribe for controlling your cholesterol level needs to be complemented by changing your diet. Cut down on cholesterol from the very source. Cholesterol is found in foods that are primarily of animal origin such as dairy products, eggs (egg yolk), shellfish, and meat and in poultry to a lesser extent.

These are foods that should be consumed in moderation. The next time you think of biting into that meat based sandwich, think of a sandwich that contains lean poultry or fish instead.

Eat more of fruit and vegetables and increase your consumption of whole cereals such as oatmeal. Such foods have both soluble and insoluble fiber that assists in the process of digestion and binds to foods to prevent absorption of dietary cholesterol.

Besides modifying our diet, we also need to make drastic changes to our lifestyle. Exercise is equally essential to reduce high cholesterol levels. Another spinoff of a cholesterol free diet and an exercise regimen is that it helps to reduce weight. That should definitely be something to set you thinking.