Cholesterol Advice

Avoid Foods That Are Rich in Cholesterol

Cholesterol is an essential component required for certain bodily functions. It is produced internally by the body. An excess of cholesterol in the body is not a healthy situation. It can lead to atherosclerosis and increase the chances of heart disease.

An elevated level of cholesterol is usually the result of consumption of foods that are rich in cholesterol, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle. Making changes to our diet by consuming foods that are low in cholesterol and consuming foods that increase the level of good cholesterol in our body are the first steps to take in case of high cholesterol levels.

1. Excess of saturated fat is the reason behind a high level of bad cholesterol in the body. As such, you should avoid foods such as red meat, dairy products, coconut oil, palm oil and other foods rich in saturated fats.

2. You should avoid cookies, chips and butter as these foods are rich in Trans fats and saturated fats.

3. Red meat like pork, corned beef, turkey, sausage and bologna should also be avoided, if possible. You can limit these foods and replace these foods with lean cuts of beef, white and skinless chicken and turkey.

4. Limit the consumption of whole milk dairy products. Consume dairy products that are made from skimmed milk. You can also try to substitute milk by soya milk as it is a healthier option.

5. Fast foods such as fries, hamburgers and alike are high in saturated fat and should be completely avoided.

Include fiber rich fruit and vegetables in your diet. Foods such as beans, barley, legumes, oat meal, and peas help to keep bad cholesterol under control and increase the good cholesterol.  

Diversifying your diet and increasing foods of all food groups can be of great help in reducing high cholesterol levels.