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Do Beef And Cholesterol Go Hand in Hand?

There are many different health risks associated with high levels of cholesterol such as heart disease. However, certain foods like beef which have been maligned to carry fat, leading to the condition have recently been absolved of any such crime.

Most people around the world have been conditioned to believe that red meat and beef in particular does not comprise a heart healthy diet. However, recent studies have shown quite the opposite results.

Lean beef for example is low in fat and therefore, can be included in any diet. The lean beef fat content is proportional to that of the fat content found in white chicken meat. It is a mixture of three separate types of fat which do not induce high cholesterol levels and may instead help maintain or lower them. Half the fat in the meat is monounsaturated and thus, only helps maintain healthy fat levels within the body.

What's more, most of the fat is easily visible in meats then in any other type of food and can be trimmed away accordingly. Beef is also an excellent source of the vitamins A and B and also contains other useful nutrients such as copper, potassium, phosphate, zinc and magnesium.

Why beef is good for you
The fat in the beef is a mixture of different fatty acids which are saturated. Researchers have found that all saturated fatty acids don't necessarily contribute to a higher level of cholesterol and beef in particular has been demonstrated to have fat which does not raise the level of cholesterol at all.

Beef also contains a significant amount of the oleic acid- commonly found in olive oil. This particular component helps maintain healthy levels of cholesterol too.

Diet and Beef
Beef is the one type of red meat that can be easily incorporated into the daily diet. Trimming the excess before cooking the meat can help you get rid of upto 50 % fat. Also, use low fat cooking recipes such as broiling, roasting and grilling. Moist heat methods of cooking such as stewing and braising also help keep the fat content low.

A recent study revealed that the beef can even replace chicken and fish in a diet in relation to it's influence on blood cholesterol specifications. The most surprising fact laid bare by the study was that people who consumed lean beef were more likely to follow the given diet then those who's daily consumption included chicken. The participants who preferred red meat also exhibited greater compliance to the diet than those who ate the lean white meat.

So, for all the beef eaters in the world, this is certainly a piece of news to rejoice for. While the taste may be what draws you to the meat, the high health and wellbeing quotient further ups the irresistibility of it.