Cholesterol Advice

Cheese And Your Low Cholesterol Diet

Cheese is considered a wrong pick for those with high cholesterol. It therefore seems impossible to include cheese in a low cholesterol diet. However, it is not so. You can include cheese in your low cholesterol diet but you have to be careful to stay within the limits and avoid trouble. Cheese has all the contents that may be a complete no-no for you, like the saturated fat, cholesterol and calories but these can be consumed in limitation. You can do so by picking apt portions of right kind of cheese. And, it would make for your 'low cholesterol-cheese diet'. Let's see how else you can consume cheese when you want to keep your cholesterol levels under control!

The first thing you need to know is the different type of cheese that is suited for your diet. The types are, part skim mozzarella which has 15 mg of cholesterol per 1 oz, low fat (1%) cottage cheese which has 9 mg of cholesterol in one cup, you can also go for low-fat cheddar cheese which has a 6mg in 1 oz and the most safe one is the fat- free cream cheese which has 1 mg of cholesterol per table spoon. If you use these forms of cheese in your selected dish, you would avoid harm and at the same time you would savor the dish too.

An easy way to enjoy cheese is to add it to your favorite sandwich. You must add some healthy vegetables to take place of the extra cheese that you get tempted to add. Sprouts, mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers are some of the best fillers for sandwiches. For flavor you can add mustards, horseradish and salsa, all without any cholesterol! The trick is to use the low cholesterol cheese because it has less cholesterol as compared to other kinds. A great entertaining tip is to try the warm low- fat Brie cheese with fruit preserves, wheat crackers and grapes to increase nutritional value of the dish.

Well, you need to mind your cheese as well. The few which could land you in trouble are Whole Meal Ricotta Cheese which has soaring 125mg cholesterol in just one cup; totally stay away from the commercially available cheese cake as it has 44 mg cholesterol per slice which is alarming for the conscious. Whereas, the kind of cheese which have 25- 27 mg of cholesterol per ounce like the Munster, Feta, American processed cheese can be consumed in moderation.

So, all the people who are conscious about their cholesterol level must not be upset as there are choices available for them when it comes to cheese but at the same time be vigilant of the kind and amount of it you are consuming.