Cholesterol Advice

Cholesterol and Low Sodium Diet-The Inverse Relationship

Cholesterol is considered the root of all heart related and weight related problems in people. It is also important for human body because it helps maintain the outer membrane and the circulatory system of human beings. It has been classified as a form of alcohol, a steroid and at the same time a common fatty lipid. Your  body produces some cholesterol through the liver. However most of the cholesterol intake of your body is sourced from your diet.  

It is possible to control the level of cholesterol in your body, especially if you can ensure a low sodium diet. This is because cholesterol and low sodium diet are inversely  proportional to each other  

Risks of high cholesterol
If the cholesterol levels in your blood get too high, it becomes a source of many problems. It has a direct impact on the pathogenesis of a number of instances. This includes diseases of coronary artery and atherosclerotic plaque. Simply put, extra cholesterol gets accumulated at the walls of your arteries. As a result the blood passage of arteries becomes narrower by the day.If the clogging of your blood vessels by cholesterol is not checked in time, it might even lead to complete stoppage of  blood flow to the heart, leading to cardiac arrest. Angioplasty is your only option if your blood vessels become too clogged.

According to the latest research in the field of biochemistry, the primary reason of cholesterol build up in the blood vessels is an alarmingly high amount of Lipoproteins. If the Low Density Lipoprotiens become too high in your blood stream, they may even lead to heart disease and in worst cases complete failure of the circulatory system in your body.

Cholesterol free eating
Any diet which has high amounts of cholesterol in it is not the best diet you can take. Proper cholesterol control involves two main aspects - lesser intake of animal fat and a low sodium diet.

Any diet which has a lot of animal fat will greatly increase the cholesterol levels of your body. This means if you are non vegetarian and like your meat and omelettes, you are running the risk of a high cholesterol diet. In this line, people who take vegetarian diets stand a much better chance of avoiding high cholesterol levels in their body.

Most important concern is to watch the sodium levels in your diet. As told earlier cholesterol and low sodium diet are inversely proportional to each other. If you can ensure a low sodium diet, your cholesterol level will be easily contained. Salt is the main source of sodium for your body so it become obvious that you reduce the levels of salt in your diet. Moreover the fact that pre-cooked and packaged foods use salt as a preservative means that you have to stop eating fast food and precooked foods as well.

Remember that in order to reduce the levels of your blood cholesterol, your best bet its to take low sodium diets.