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Cholesterol and Potassium Diet-Saving your Circulatory System

Dietitians are always looking to make eating plans which are healthy for the human body and ensure the right mix of all nutrients without increasing the levels of cholesterol in the body. One of the facts that have been proven beyond doubt is that cholesterol and potassium diet go rather well together. If you want to control the level of cholesterol in your body, it is necessary that you control the level of potassium in your diet.

A low potassium diet may come as a shock to some people. However these diet plans are specially prepared for people who are facing an immediate risk of high cholesterol level in the body and its inherent problems. Apart from these, low potassium diets also have the capability to help people with kidney problems.

Sources of potassium
A normal human diet is a rich source of potassium. The bare necessary amount of protein needed by human body is provided by fruits and vegetables (especially beans) as well as nuts and certain kinds of seeds.

Need of low potassium diet
A number of problems may arise if your body is subjected to so much potassium intake asĀ  is more than required. A low potassium diet is necessary to regulate the cholesterol level in your body. Such a diet helps maintain the proper functioning of heart and muscles.

Getting a low potassium diet
To maintain the level of potassium in your body, it is a must that you reduce the level of potassium in your diet. If you are in the habit of taking off seasonal frozen fruits and vegetables, make sure they are washed properly before consumption. Eating tinned food also requires certain precautions. Make sure that all the liquid in the tin is drained and you have washed the food before you eat it.

Potatoes are another source of potassium so in order to regulate your potassium intake, you must make sure that you peel off the potatoes, slice them very thin and put them in water overnight. In the morning, drain the water and rinse the potatoes in running water to wash off the extra potassium. You must read the label of any type of packaged food to determine the potassium levelĀ  in it and avoid high potassium foods.

High level of potassium in your body will lead to severe cholesterol related problems because potassium in your blood acts as a catalyst for cholesterol accumulation in your blood vessels. If you make sure that you are taking a low potassium diet, you will never have to worry about your blood cholesterol choking your circulatory system. It would also ensure that you do not have to go through angioplasty because of too much cholesterol.