Cholesterol Advice

Does shellfish contain high cholesterol?

High levels of LDL cholesterol and low levels of HDL cholesterol are signs of a very unhealthy blood lipid profile. These two factors can contribute to the risk of coronary artery disease and cardiovascular disease. Monitoring your diet is very important if you have excess cholesterol levels.

People who suffer from high  of high cholesterol usually stay away from eating any kind of shellfish because of the common misconception that the cholesterol content is too high.

The truth is that shellfish such as shrimp lobster or oysters are very low in saturated fat and moderate in cholesterol content. For all sea food lovers, this is good news considering the fact that even your physician at times bars you from eating shellfish due to the cholesterol content. You can shellfish as long as you eat a low or moderate serving size.

In its recommendations, the American Heart Association advises that an adult should not eat more than 60-70 grams of total fat per day. Small quantity of shellfish can easily fit into that limit. However, you should not consistently eat more than the recommended serving size. If your diet already includes high amount of saturated fat, then keep away from shellfish as you may exceed the recommended dietary intake of fat.

If you do wish to have shellfish, make sure that it is steamed, grilled, roasted or at the most sautéed and never deep fried.

Remember this advice next time you feel like eating any kind of shellfish. Moderation is the key.