Cholesterol Advice

Eat Carefully to Lower Cholesterol

If you are looking for a diet plan that could help you lower cholesterol then you need not have a degree in rocket science. Ingredients of such a diet are very much within your reach and you don't have to spend a lot of money on the foods that go into such a diet. By imposing certain dietary restrictions on yourself, you can always have the required control over your cholesterol.

A diet to lower cholesterol should be combined with a workout regime suitable for your age, gender and lifestyle. If you don't want to lower cholesterol through medication, these two measures are the only alternative. You can adhere to this diet throughout your life to avoid cardiovascular complications and to increase your longevity.

The diet to lower cholesterol should be low in cholesterol and saturated fat. For very high level of blood cholesterol it is advisable to have a completely cholesterol free diet. Exercise is of utmost importance and diet alone may not be able to help you to reduce cholesterol.

The ideal diet for cholesterol control recommends reduced consumption of foods rich in saturated fat and dietary cholesterol. A person with a high level of cholesterol should reduce or eliminate the consumption of red meat such as beef and pork. If at all you want to eat meat, make sure you eat moderate portion sizes of lean cuts without any visible fat. Eat fish as it is good for your heart.

Avoid dairy products based on whole milk Look for skimmed milk and low fat alternatives. Increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables as these are full of wholesome fiber, vitamins, and minerals and are easily assimilated by the body.

If at all you like to eat eggs, then make an omelet using egg whites. The white of an egg is totally cholesterol free. It is the yolk that has cholesterol.

You can meet up your calorie requirement by foods such a oatmeal, barley, beans, peas, legumes and nuts as these are heart healthy foods.

Eat right and stay fit. What you eat today will affect you tomorrow. Follow your heart and eat a heart healthy diet.