Cholesterol Advice

Eat Heart Healthy Food

A diet free of cholesterol and saturated fat is necessary for people suffering from high cholesterol levels. Such a diet is very necessary for people who have a high LDL or triglycerides count or a low HDL count.

If you are suffering from an excess of cholesterol in your blood then you can consult your doctor and nutritionist for recommendation for a diet that is relatively free of cholesterol and saturated fat.

Taking a diet free of saturated fat is a great help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, such a diet can provide excellent results only when combined with a suitable exercise regimen.

Drugs for reducing cholesterol should be as the last option. Dietary restrictions and modifications along with exercise should help to solve the problem of excess cholesterol.

As a beginning, you should reduce or eliminate consumption of foods such as meat, eggs and dairy products. You can also make certain modifications in your diet. Look for skimmed milk or low fat based dairy products. Egg whites do not contain cholesterol. Eat egg whites and discard the yolks as the yolk has cholesterol

Substitute poultry and fish for red meat in your main dishes. Next time you feel like a sandwich, make one from lean turkey breast or tuna instead of roast beef. Fish is actually good for the heart and the American Heart Association recommends it as a part of your diet.
Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. Fruit and vegetables are good for you. These food groups contain fiber which aids digestion and reduces the absorption of dietary cholesterol.

Oatmeal is considered a super food that is recommended by doctors to reduce cholesterol. It is the perfect way to start the day.

Use vegetable oils such as sunflower and olive oil. Always read the packaging for the content of saturated fat on foodstuffs that you buy.

It is not very difficult and never too late to make appropriate heart friendly changes in your diet.