Cholesterol Advice

One Egg a Day and Keep Cholesterol Away!

The idea that eggs are bad for your cholesterol has just been turned around on its head. I mean it is not entirely true that eating eggs will cause your blood cholesterol go up. Not at least when you are careful about the total amount of cholesterol and saturated fat that you are eating per day.

You see, the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has recommended a cap of 300 milligrams as your daily intake of dietary cholesterol. Considering that one egg contains 213 milligrams of cholesterol in its yolk and none in the egg-white portion, it is quite safe to continue to eat one egg per day. This is even considering that you are eating the yolk part.

Firstly I would like to point out that if you do not eat the yolk part, there is really no restriction at all. You can even eat 2 egg-whites per day as these will not contribute at all to your cholesterol levels. What you will however need to take care is that through all the foodstuffs that you eat in a day, you do strictly observe and implement the 300 milligrams cholesterol intake cap per day. This translates into eating only those foodstuffs per day that do not contribute to increased blood cholesterol levels.

The only complication that arises is when you want to eat the egg-yolk part. In that case, you need to do two things. One of them is to eat only one egg per day because you will then only take in 213 milligrams of cholesterol that is available in the egg-yolk. By doing that, you will easily keep within the 300 milligrams cholesterol restriction, but only when you take one precaution.

The precaution entails that you ensure you are not eating any other high cholesterol food that day. However you can still eat 87 milligrams of cholesterol that day. Another good precaution to take is to rule out the eating of high saturated fat containing foodstuffs that contributes much more significantly to high blood cholesterol than the dietary cholesterol.

If you are able to keep to these precautions, you will then be able to savor the goodness of ample nutrition that you obtain by eating that one egg per day in your breakfast. The egg-yolk contains protein and Vitamins and the egg white contains minerals too. All these serve as good nutrients for your body, without any appreciable side effects.

Another tip is to simultaneously completely avoid milk, milk products such as butter and meats in your diet. All these foodstuffs contain high saturated fat, which as you know is the most significant factor to raise your blood cholesterol.