Cholesterol Advice

Foods That Are High On Cholesterol

Cholesterol is an indispensable waxy substance that is required by the body to produce vitamin D and cell membranes amongst other physiological functions. The liver produces all the cholesterol that the body needs. Excessive cholesterol levels results when our diet consists of foods that are rich in cholesterol. In order to reduce blood cholesterol levels we should reduce the consumption of such foods and increase consumption of foods that help to lower cholesterol.

It is well known that most dairy products, red meat and eggs are very rich in cholesterol. We should consume such foods in a moderate amount.  In fact, a boiled egg has 225 mg of cholesterol. There are a lot of other foods that are high on cholesterol. Examples of such foods are Luncheon Meat, chicken skin, pork, turkey, shrimp and lobster. There are also some other food items that cause high level of cholesterol and bile metabolism. Such food types are butter, fast foods, cream, bagels, muffins, yogurt cheese and cake.       

Cholesterol levels in the body increase if one consumes these products. Cholesterol is not metabolized in case a person leads a sedentary lifestyle with little or no exercise. To reduce cholesterol levels, you should exercise on a regular basis.

 Most of the cholesterol management and cardiac rehabilitation programs advise you not to consume excessive amounts of foods that are high on cholesterol. These programs  also help you to keep you weight under control besides reducing cholesterol.