Cholesterol Advice

Treatment for High Cholesterol- How Long Do You Need To Get Treated

Treating high levels of cholesterol in blood stream is a somewhat difficult task. The difficulty lies not in reducing cholesterol levels to a safe level but in maintaining it below the danger mark. Hence, while treating high cholesterol may not take too much of time it may take a lifetime to maintain the effects of that treatment.

Treating High Cholesterol
Treatment for high cholesterol is a multi-pronged approach. The following three steps are involved in it:

* Immediate reduction in blood cholesterol levels.
* Correcting the method of treatment if it is not working.
* Long term planning to keep cholesterol levels down.

Immediate Reduction in Blood Cholesterol Levels
For those whose blood cholesterol levels lie in the danger zone, medications, regulated diet and exercise is the prescribed treatment. Though results would not be obtained overnight, this plan is their best bet on reducing blood cholesterol level.

Method Correction
It can not be denied that the treatment method adopted to reduce cholesterol levels would need to be overhauled after a period of time. What works and what doesn't can not be known in the first go. Tests would need to be conducted to ascertain whether the treatment is working or not. Need to stick with the original plan or overhaul it would depend upon the test results.

Long Term Method for Cholesterol Reduction
Reducing cholesterol levels would need a major change in one's lifestyle. This is one treatment method which would take the longest but would guarantee 100 per cent results. Individuals would need to change their diet, focus more on exercising, and adopt a healthy and stress-free lifestyle. Only then would they be able to control rising cholesterol levels (or manage it).

Time Span of Treatment for High Cholesterol
So, the question still remains- how long do you need to get the high cholesterol levels in your blood treated. The answer to this question is not that simple. The fact is that while it may be easy to control blood cholesterol levels through immediate treatment methods, the chances of recurrence of high blood cholesterol are high unless long term measures are not taken.

The best way to avoid the recurrence of high blood cholesterol is to bring about a fundamental change in your life-style. This is a long term method to control cholesterol and involves giving up on fatty and cholesterol-rich foods, hitting out at the gym more frequently and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Short Term Treatment Methods- Are They Useless?

No. Short term treatment methods are still relevant as they address the immediate concern to lower blood cholesterol levels. However, they can not be adopted as long term methods to control blood cholesterol levels.