Cholesterol Advice

Low Cholesterol Recipes- Beverages and Desserts

Although hard drinks and certain foods are recommended to be avoided by high cholesterol patients, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy beverages and desserts at all. Here are a few low cholesterol recipes to prepare mouth watering desserts and beverages.

Orange and Spice Tea
A serving of orange and spice tea carries a total of 42 calories. The saturated fat content in it (that is the most dangerous from the cholesterol point of view) is zero. It carries no fiber and proteins, but will provide nutrition in the form of calcium and iron (DV 1% each).

To prepare 4 servings of the tea, you will need the following ingredients. 6 whole cloves, 3 inches stick cinnamon in broken condition, 2 black tea bags (decaffeinated, if you so desire), 1 cup of orange juice, 1 tablespoon full of packed brown sugar, and 2 cups of water.

To prepare the tea, place a medium saucepan over a source of heat, pour the 2 cups full of water into it and add in the cinnamon and cloves in the above mentioned quantities. Bring the mixture to a boil and shut off the heat and keep it standing for 5 minutes after adding the tea bags. Next remove the tea bags and add the orange juice and the sugar. Finally, stir the mixture while heating again. Strain the mixture into 4 mugs.

Berry Lemon Trifle
This is a simple angel food cake initiated yogurt and berry dessert. It contains a total of 136 calories. Remember it does contain saturated fat to the extent of 2 grams and total fat in it is 3 grams. It also contains 4 grams proteins. Besides this, it carries calcium and iron to the extent of DV 1% each and Vitamin C DV 19%.

To prepare 4 servings of the dessert you will need 2 cups of angel food cake cut out in cubes. You can bake the cake at home or order it. You will also need 1 cup of blue berries, red rasp berries, or sliced strawberries mixed together. Additionally you will need an 8-ounce pack full of lemon low-fat yogurt. You will also need one-fourth of an 8-ounce container full of frozen light whipped dessert topping, which you will need to thaw out first.

To prepare the recipe, divide out the angel food cake cubes into 4 dessert plates equally. Mix the yogurt and whipped dessert topping in a bowl. Thereafter pour the mixture over the cubes kept on each plate. Sprinkle each plate with the berries liberally. Use fresh mint for garnishing.

Besides the above beverage and dessert, high cholesterol patients can also use many other home-made recipes that will not aggravate their blood cholesterol levels. Such beverages can include an orange juice and lemonade containing Citrus Eye Opener and Fruit smoothies made from yogurt and berries. Equally good dessert options include warm chocolate bread pudding and marmalade glazed pears.