Cholesterol Advice

Foods to be Included in a Low Cholesterol Diet

There are different types of foods that can contribute to a healthy low cholesterol diet. Most of the foods that you should include in your low cholesterol diet should be organic in nature.

You can consume the following foods throughout the day in different combinations.

Vegetarian foods

* Including vegetables in a low cholesterol diet is a very good idea. The vegetables are very healthy, as they are very low in calorie. Eating vegetables also provide the necessary nutrients to keep the body healthy. They also provide the required amount of fiber. Vegetables balance the cholesterol level by increasing the body’s metabolism. Also vegetables can help to tackle the problem of vitamin deficiency.

* Fruits are also to be included in the diet plan. This is because they have a low calorie content and have enough vitamins and nutrients to deal with vitamin deficiency and LDL cholesterol

* Adding oatmeal or oat flour to your diet is a very good idea. The soluble fiber in oat helps to reduce the body’s LDL cholesterol level.

* Nuts like, almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, pistachios and hazelnuts are rich in protein, vitamins and fibers. They are very helpful in increasing the body’s metabolism. However you should avoid, nuts covered in salt or sugar.

* Whole grains along with beans and cereals should be included in your low cholesterol diet because they have a high dietary fiber and energy content.

* Soy products like, Soy nuts, flour and milk are very healthy. They are a good replacement for fatty milk products in your diet.

* Diary products like, cheese, milk and yoghurt are very good. Try going for low fat milk or cheese in your diet.

Non vegetarian foods

* If you like eating meat products, you should go for the ones made of lean meats. Try eating lean read meat or lean turkey or chicken meats. The lean meats will provide you with the required micronutrients, vitamins, proteins and minerals. Also these meats have lower calorie content.

* Including fish in your daily low cholesterol non vegetarian diet is a good idea. Fish is amazingly rich in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. The omega 3 fatty acids can help to avoid the plaque growth in arteries. Also eating fish helps to lower down the triglycerides levels in the body. The lower triglycerides levels help to lower the LDL cholesterol level and increase the HDL cholesterol level in the body. Avoid eating fried fish; instead go for boiled, grilled or steamed fish.

These foods form an essential part of a low cholesterol diet. A diet with these foods will not only help to lower down the cholesterol level in the body, but it will also provide the necessary nutrition.