Cholesterol Advice

Low Cholesterol Substitutes For Your Daily Diet

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is present in the human body. This substance is present in the blood stream of the humans. If the levels of the cholesterol rise, it would slower the blood flow hence resulting in various heart problems. Therefore, it is important to maintain the level of cholesterol in the body to reduce various health risks.

Diet plays a major role in making the cholesterol levels  to rise. Therefore, one must consume food low in cholesterol. Apart from including healthy food items like whole grains, nuts, soy, dark chocolates, and apples in your daily diet, make a few changes in the way you prepare food. Here are a few tips you could follow to cook a low cholesterol diet without making much compromise on the taste.

* The first change that you could make is to substitute the regular butter and margarine with plant sterols. The plant sterols block the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines and hence prevent it from entering the blood stream.
* Use only olive oil for cooking; even for baked items like cakes and muffins. Olive oil does not contain cholesterol and keeps the food fresh for longer than the other oils.
* Use turkey instead of beef. Beef is rich in fat.
* If possible try to use substitutes for meat as well. They will be easily available at the health food stores in your market. Tufu is a popular substitute for meats.
* If you are a meat fan try grilling as the method of cooking. It would reduce the fat content of your meal.
* Another smart thing you could do is to slice off the saturated fat in the meat. Roasting or baking are healthy methods of cooking. In the process hang the meat in the rack to drain off the extra fat.
* Do not buy products high on saturated fat. Stocks of these food items might tempt you. You could instead replace these with herbs or wine for flavor. Products like wine, lemon juice, vinegar keep the meat moist and also add a great flavor.
* In case of stews and soups, you could trick the fat by cooking the ingredients a day before. After cooking you must refrigerate them. This will let the fat rise and harden on the surface. You could remove this fat before heating again!
* Include fruits and vegetables in your diet and these are known to be low on cholesterol. You could simply chop these to consume them as salads. You could also sauté the vegetables in a small amount of oil for a great taste.
* Avoid too much salt in your food.

Using the above mentioned tips would decrease a great amount of cholesterol in your food. So, cook healthy to stay healthy!