Cholesterol Advice

Lowering Cholesterol with Diet

Lowering cholesterol with an improved diet is one of the best natural methods of reducing cholesterol. There are many reasons that causeĀ  high cholesterol levels such as a faulty diet, heredity and lack of exercise.

Irrespective of the reason, your physician will recommend as a first line of defense a change in your diet, in order to control high cholesterol. A drastic change in the diet is the first, most obvious and natural way to control blood cholesterol levels. If your blood cholesterol levels do not show improvement within a period of six months, you might have to start taking cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Lowering cholesterol with diet requires you to follow diet that is low in saturated fats and trans fats. Such a diet aims to reduce blood cholesterol by reducing or eliminating from your diet the amount of dairy products, eggs and meat based products that you consume. Most animal based foods contain a high amount of saturated fats and you should curtail the consumption of such foods.

You should also avoid foods that are made from vegetable based oils such as palm oil and coconut oil as these are also high in saturated fats. Processed and baked goods are high on trans fats that are neither required by or are healthy for the body in any way. A cholesterol management diet helps to lower the level of triglycerides in your blood and to improve the ratio between the good cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein) and the bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein).