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The Relationship Between Peanut Butter And Cholesterol

If you are dealing with the problem of high cholesterol then there are several food items that can be beneficial to you. Peanut butter is one of them. Many experts suggest adding peanut butter to your diet to manage your cholesterol levels. Let us take a closer look at the relationship between peanut butter and cholesterol and how it helps manage cholesterol levels.

Peanut butter helps reduce cholesterol levels
PeanutĀ  butter helps in more than just one way to keep your cholesterol levels in control. Peanuts are known to be an excellent source of plant sterols. It must be noted that plant sterols are known to be one of the best cholesterol fighting substances. Besides, plant sterols also help fight numerous heart diseases that are a result of high cholesterol.

A recent study conducted also showed the benefits of peanut butter for high cholesterol patients. Several women with type 2 diabetes were taken as the subject for research. These women were provided with five servings of peanut butter everyday. After a month, these women showed significantly reduced risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Thus, regular consumption peanut butter not just helps bring down your cholesterol levels but it also potentially minimizes the risk accompanied with high cholesterol levels.

Choose the right peanut butter
It is true that peanut butter can help reduce cholesterol levels. But, not every type of peanut butter will serve the same purpose. You need to make sure that you are buying an organic brand of peanut butter if you wish to bring down your cholesterol levels.

The usual peanut butter available in the market is sweetened. Cane sugar is added to make them sweet, which is not advised for those suffering from high cholesterol. However, natural organic peanut butter contains lesser sodium and sugar. This makes the organic variety a healthier option for high cholesterol patients.

In case you want to seek the maximum benefit from peanut butter, it is advised that you even try making your own at home. Peanut butter is certainly beneficial for high cholesterol patients, but only if you choose the right one.

Including peanut butter in your daily diet
Once you have chosen the right peanut butter for yourself, the next challenge is to incorporate it in your daily diet. The regular peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are an obvious choice when it comes to consuming this food item. Apart from the regular sandwiches, you can also use peanut butter as a dip for whole grain bagels. You can also use them as a quick snack by spreading them on whole grain crackers.

Go ahead and use peanut butter and you will be able to bring down your cholesterol levels in a delicious way.