Cholesterol Advice

Quick Low Cholesterol Recipes for Healthy Living

It is important to use low cholesterol recipes at home and maintain healthy cholesterol levels of the whole family. For, high fat, greasy diet can be really toxic for human life. Using right foods for cooking such as beans, oats and barley you can not only decrease the bad levels of cholesterol but can also increase the good cholesterol. Some quick, low fat recipes are given below:

Quick "Cheesecake"
You require whole-wheat graham crackers, part-skim ricotta cheese and jam to prepare it. Simply spread graham cracker with part-skim ricotta cheese. Now, add some jam to it and your cheesecake is ready!

Another delicious recipe is beans and rice.
While you cook rice according to the instructions on its pack, take a big nonstick skillet and heat oil in it over medium heat. Add onion to it and stir for 2 minutes. Next add garlic and bell pepper. Stir the mixture again for 2-3 minutes until it is softened. Further include vinegar, broth, pepper, hot sauce and beans to it. Let it cook until it is thoroughly heated for around 2 minutes. Finally, add cilantro and hot rice to it and mix it well. Have a good time with your low cholesterol beans and rice recipe.  

You can also try a Mexican-inspired salad such as Orange & Avocado Salad.
This colorful dish is a great addition to your everyday food as it reduces your cholesterol levels considerably. Put orange segments, greens, onion and avocado in a salad bowl and toss them. Now add lime vinaigrette and cilantro to it and toss it again. Your salad is ready.

Yes, making low cholesterol foods is that easy. All you need to ensure is to avoid high saturated fats and use mono saturated foods instead. There are many useful tips to modify your usual recipes to make them low cholesterol recipes.

For instance, use non-dairy products in some dishes instead of dairy products. Similarly, replace whole milk by skim milk or water. Also, instead of using butter, margarine or oil, you can choose to prepare your food in a non-stick pan.

Hence, it is very easy to avoid excessive cholesterol while still having mouth-watering food. You only need to be a little mindful of the things that you eat. So, go ahead and have whatever you want. But just make certain amendments accordingly to have a low cholesterol recipe that satiates your taste buds but do not increase your cholesterol level. You may also purchase American Heart Association Low-Cholesterol Cookbook to find more recipes that are suitable to reduce your cholesterol levels.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get ready to prepare your own remedy for high cholesterol today!