Cholesterol Advice

Preparing Healthy and Interesting Recipes to Lower Cholesterol

The very thought of low cholesterol recipes brings to mind the picture of boring food that we all dread. But to opt for a low cholesterol diet you need not be eating that insanely bland food. All you need to do is make some smart choices and wise decisions and you shall be binging on food which is low on cholesterol and yet does not put you off. Some very useful tips are given below:

Look for healthier substitutes

Looking for healthier food choices is the easiest and the smartest thing to do to go in for a low cholesterol recipe that does not make your appetite go for a toss. For instance you could use egg whites instead of whole eggs, non fat mayonnaise instead of mayonnaise, baked chips instead of potato chips and so on. You could also use unsaturated fats such as safflower and sunflower oil in place of coconut or palm oil.

Curb those fatty intakes

Try and use as less fats as you can in any recipe. For instance if a recipe requires 1 cup of butter, use ½ cup of butter and replace the other half with prune puree. You could simply make prune puree by blending together 4-5 prunes and little hot water. If you are baking something then you could replace some quantity of butter or margarine with apple sauce. See it is just about making a smarter choice.

The leaner, the better

Many simply relish prime cuts of meats that are laden with fats. You can replace these meats with a leaner variety and still enjoy the taste. Though all meats have fats, there are some that are leaner as compared to others. Some of the leaner meat variety includes fish and shellfish, skinless chicken, lean ham, rabbit and others. How so ever lean the meat may be, make sure you have it in moderation.

Prepare it right

You can get rid of half the fat and cholesterol in your diet if you prepare it right. Instead of deep frying or stir frying go in for methods like broil, poach, grill, microwave, roast or even steam. Instead of fatty dressings, you could baste meat with fruit juices, wine and the like. You could also replace cooking with oils with cooking with defatted brot or bullion.

The veggie epicenter

Whatever recipe you are dishing out, try to ensure that it concentrates more on vegetables than on animal foods. Start with slight changes. For instance substitute meat with fish. Over a period of time your taste buds will become accustomed to these changes and start appreciating vegetarian food.