Cholesterol Advice

Some Low Cholesterol Soups

To control your cholesterol levels, you need to have a proper cholesterol control diet. These diets are meant to be low in cholesterol content and additionally they serve the purpose of lowering LDL cholesterol level. Among dietary measures, it is evident that people with high cholesterol need food with low or no fat and cholesterol. As a result, various low cholesterol recipes have come up which could be either the traditional ones or some innovative ones. Among all low cholesterol recipes, low cholesterol soups are the most sought after.

Lentil soup could be one of the easiest choices for cholesterol patients. The lentil soup's ingredients are carrot, onion, curry powder, celery and of course lentils. Tomatoes could also be added and could be mixed and boiled for fifteen minutes. This soup contains no cholesterol and fat content.

Squash and sweet potato soup could be another great option that could be enjoyed with salad. It is prepared in canola oil. One pound each of squash and sweet potato would be more than enough for one person. Its ingredients include onion, ginger, black pepper, chives and it could be easily prepared in oven. Chicken broth is also added to it.

The other soup could be prepared with cabbage along with sherry, ginger, black paper, and even onion and tomato as ingredients. The soup's cholesterol content is hardly 1 mg. It has negligible saturated fat content.

Another alternative soup is of beans and spinach which has the ingredients like carrot, dried oregano, celery sticks, chicken broth, tomatoes and black pepper. Beans and Spinach are a part of it as well. Rotini is also an essential ingredient.

These soup recipes are good in checking cholesterol intake. Cardiovascular patients and patients with other cardiology complications are advised to have these soups. Online cholesterol management guide may also tell you about other recipes to control the malady. It's better to depend on these recipes than go for cholesterol medication. These recipes possess very little lipoproteins.