Cholesterol Advice

Watch Out For High Cholesterol Foods

Cholesterol is a waxy substance produced by the body. It plays an indispensable role in various metabolic and physiological activities within the body. The liver generates enough cholesterol for the formation of the cell membranes and vitamin D. The cholesterol levels of the body increase when you consume foods that are high in cholesterol.

Animals produce cholesterol in their bodies and hence animal based foods are high on cholesterol.
Foods such as eggs, meat and dairy products should be consumed in moderation. These products when consumed by humans increase the normal cholesterol level in the body. Hence, cholesterol management and various cardiac rehabilitation programs advise not to take these products in large amounts.

On the other hand vegetables and fruit do not contain  cholesterol and hence their consumption does not increase the normal cholesterol levels.  Such foods contain fiber and actually help to reduce the amount of cholesterol assimilated by the body.

Examples of certain foods that are high on cholesterol are bagels, butter, beef, cake, cheese, chicken skin, luncheon meat, cookies, cream, fast food, French fries, goose, lamb, candies, milk, muffins, oysters, pancakes, crab, pizza, pork,  shrimp or lobster, turkey and yogurt. One should always consume such foods in moderation.

These products when consumed increase the cholesterol levels in the human body. LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol is responsible for lining the walls of the arteries and results in atherosclerosis

For reference a list of foods with their levels of cholesterols is provided below:

* A boiled egg (225 mg)
* Cream cheese (27 mg)
* Cheddar cheese (19 mg)
* Butter (250 mg)
* Lamb meat (70 mg)
* Beef Steak (70 mg)
* Chicken Skin (60 mg)
* Beef Liver (300 mg)
* Ice Cream (45 mg)
* Sponge cake (260 mg)