Cholesterol Advice

Your Food May Combat Cholesterol Problems

Abnormally high cholesterol deposits may at times result in dangerous consequences leading to some cardiology related problems. To prevent any possibility of cardiovascular problems, LDL cholesterol levels are to be kept under a strict control. Your foods can play a major role in checking it.

You need to stick to low cholesterol diet which comprises of nothing but low cholesterol food and renunciation of high fat and cholesterol products.

Use poultry meat and fishes as they are low in cholesterol and fats. All highly saturated fatty products should be strictly abstained. All fiber products including fruits and vegetables have low or zero cholesterol content, so adding them in your diet would be great for you. Whole grain foods also come under this category and could be consumed since they are rich in low carbohydrates.

Skimmed milk products are also considered to be low in cholesterol content or fat content. Among oils, it is advised to use olive oil or Canola oil. All mono saturated products are desirable. All food products containing HDL cholesterol could be safely consumed. Oat meals and Atkin’s diet are also a good option for LDL afflicted folks.

Products rich in vitamin E, A, and B3 could also be consumed. Unsalted nuts and seeds could be also taken. For example, you can consume sun flower seeds. Salads could be made a regular part of your food. The more you stick to your low cholesterol food, the greater are the chances of cholesterol control. So, just get set go!