Cholesterol Treatment

How to Talk to Your Doctor about Cholesterol?

Every health problem has a treatment. But before you opt for a treatment it becomes important that you understand your problem fairly well. This holds true for every health condition including high cholesterol. A clear understanding of your health condition will help you come up with the best treatment for the same. To understand the condition of cholesterol in your body, a fair and comprehensive discussion with your doctor is required.

When it comes to talking to the doctor about cholesterol, most people are not too good at this. Either they shy away thinking that their questions may sound silly or fail to completely understand what the doctor says. Though the practice of not prompting a fair discussion with a doctor is common; it is absolutely wrong.

* Whenever you are going to see your doctor, prepare a list of questions that you may want to ask. At times, we have questions in our head but we tend to forget them. So it's always better to write down your queries.
* Your doctor should be fully aware of your health condition before he prescribes you any treatment. For this make sure that you give your doctor complete information about any past illness, or surgeries. Even if you have gone thru a mental health treatment, make sure that your doctor knows of it.

* Many a times, it happens that your doctor makes use of medical terms that you do not understand. In such situations don't shy away from speaking. Always ask your doctor and keep on asking questions till the time you understand.

* Recording your symptoms also proves to be of great help in arriving at the right treatment. Keep a track of various symptoms that you may be experiencing. Also record when these symptoms happened or how frequently they occur. Maintain a diary and show this diary to your doctor.

* You might pop all your questions to the doctor but may not be able to remember the answers. To avoid any chances of forgetting the answers bring a tape recorder. Alternatively you could even take down notes.

* To reduce your cholesterol levels, your doctor may suggest certain changes in your lifestyle. If you don't understand these changes, ask your doctor about it and make sure you leave only once you understand.

* If your treatment plan is not working for you and you are dissatisfied with it, inform your doctor about it. Your doctor will not know whether or not a particular treatment plan is working for you till the time you inform him about it.
* Make certain that you inform your doctor about ant medicines that you are taking. Inform him about any over the counter products also that you may be using.