Cholesterol Treatment

Methods to Reduce Cholesterol

High cholesterol levels raise the risk for heart strokes and attacks considerably. Lower cholesterol levels can reduce this risk and keep your blood vessels and heart healthy. Unhealthy diet, hereditary and diet are some of the major reasons that increase your cholesterol levels. No matter what the reason of high cholesterol level is for you, there are many ways in which these increased high cholesterol levels can be reduced.

1. Healthy diet- This is one of the most important aspect to reduce cholesterol levels. A vegetarian diet can be very helpful in the matter. Foods rich in saturated fats like pork, beef, ice cream, cheese and butter are a strict No-No. Olive oil can be used in the place of butter. This would help you decrease LDL cholesterol. Green tea also lowers the cholesterol levels as it increases the HDL cholesterol levels and decreases the LDL cholesterol levels.

2. Regular exercise regime- This must be included in your everyday routine. Along with the increase in HDL cholesterol, exercise also helps to strengthen heart muscles, reduce blood pressure and lose some weight.
3. Home remedies- Garlic consists of oganosulfure in huge amounts. This can be used to reduce triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels. This also helps in increasing the HDL cholesterol levels. Increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels can also be controlled by ginger. It also helps to avoid blood clots inside the arterial walls, if vitamin E is taken. The peripheral circulation is strengthened and heart muscles are also stimulated and revitalized. Another alternative to reduce cholesterol level is by having capsicum extracts.

4. Medications- However, the above mentioned methods must be used to reduce cholesterol. There are many effective medications that are prescribed by the doctor in a few cholesterol cases. Niacin, ezetimibe, fibrates and statins are some of the most effective medicines that are prescribed for cholesterol correction. Not to forget, exercising and diet control are of great help, if followed with these medicines.

Hence, a combination of all these methods will help you lower your cholesterol levels to a great extent. Also, using natural methods for treatment may allow you to reduce your dependence on medications to control cholesterol levels.

So, get ready to bring about a change in your lifestyle soon. Simply adhere to these four methods and you will surely notice a huge reduction in your cholesterol levels soon. But do not forget to seek guidance from your doctor about these lifestyle changes as it will only guide you in the right direction.