Cholesterol Treatment

Things You Must Know about Cholesterol Medications

When your doctor is not able to lower your cholesterol levels through non-drug methods he is most likely to put you on a drug regime. As a patient you might have a lot of questions in mind about cholesterol medications.

Here are a few things that you might want to know about.

How can a cholesterol medication help?
When you take a cholesterol medication it lowers the LDL or the bad cholesterol levels in your blood while increasing the good cholesterol levels. It prevents the excessive fats from blocking the arteries thus reducing the risk of heart diseases. A single or a combination of various medicines could be prescribed by your doctor to get your cholesterol levels under control. But, you must know that you need to follow a healthy diet plan and a regular exercise schedule to get the best results.

How long do the medicines take before they show effects?
First of all you must understand that no cholesterol medication is a magic pill. So, you will have to be patient before you start to notice some considerable results. Typically, it may take around six weeks for a medication to show its effects. During and after this period your doctor would check your cholesterol levels and make a note of improvements, if any.

If the medication is not able to produce any considerable effects he might change it with another one of the similar type; add another medication along with the previous one or try another medicine of a different type.

Some safety tips
* When you take a cholesterol medication, it is important that you take it ion prescribed limits.
* Take the medicine in time so that it is able to exhibit the best effects.
* Follow the instructions of your doctor religiously.
* Pay attention to your diet as well as physical exercise besides taking the medicines.
* Know about the side effects of the particular medicine that you may be taking and look for them in yourself.
* If you detect any side effects after you start taking the medicine, talk to your doctor immediately.
* Do not skip dosages.
* If you are suffering from any other health conditions then do let your doctor know about them.
* Check for the expiry date of the medicine before you take it. Taking an expired medicine could have severe implications.

As a patient of high cholesterol you must know that once you start taking the medicines they usually last for the lifetime. Your cholesterol levels would stay under control till the time you keep taking the medicines. It is important that you keep getting your cholesterol levels checked from time to time and keep taking the prescribed medicines regularly.