Cholesterol Advice

A Guide on HDL Raising Medications

HDL-Cholesterol is considered to be a good variety of cholesterol. The reason for this is the fact that it helps in removal of cholesterol from the body. This is the reason why the levels of HDL-Cholesterol should never be allowed to go below a specified limit. If your cholesterol test results indicate dipping levels of HDL-Cholesterol, take the following medicines:

Nicotinic Acids: This is nothing but Niacin , which is another name for Vitamin-B . It is water soluble and when given within the recommended level it improves all lipoproteins. The best news is that it increases the levels of HDL-Cholesterol by up to 35 percent while reducing the level of triglyceride by up to 50 percent and LDL-Cholesterol by up to 20 percent.

Vitamin B is inexpensive and is easily available in three types of formulations at all drugstores. These formulations are immediate release, timed release and extended release. It is advised that users begin with the immediate release formulation.

Its easy availability does not mean that it can be consumed indiscriminately. A most common side effect that it can induce is that of flushing. This is the result of the wide opening of blood vessels. Similarly, there are other small side effects associated with the consumption of Vitamin B. Hence, it is best that the intake of the vitamin is done under close supervision of a physician. Otherwise, chances are that the side effects might go unnoticed.

Statins : Statins such as Lipitor and Zocor are also helpful in the increase in levels of HDL-Cholesterol in the body. However, the increase in the levels of HDL-Cholesterol is extremely modest as Statins are known primarily for their ability to reduce LDL-Cholesterol. Also, the results become visible only after an interval of few weeks.

The best part about a course of Statin drugs is the fact that most people are tolerant towards it.  There are no major side-effects to the drug. Even when there are any, they would go away as the body adjusts to the drugs.

Medications for Raising HDL-Cholesterol: Is this the right way of treatment always?

As it has been discussed above, except for niacin, medication for raising HDL-Cholesterol would not always be able to bring about the desired results. Hence, too much dependence on medications for this purpose is strictly not recommended. As a matter of fact, people should explore more natural ways of increasing HDL-Cholesterol levels. Some of them are as follows:

Quit smoking: Smoking results not just in lung cancer but also in a dipping of HDL-Cholesterol levels. Their effectiveness in transporting bad cholesterol to the liver also gets decreased. Hence, here is one more reason to quite smoking.

Consume limited amount of alcohol: A 5 ounce serving of wine or a 12 ounce serving of beer is not too bad for your HDL-Cholesterol levels. However, alcohol consumption should be sporadic rather than conspicuous.

Healthy diet
: Diets made up of monosaturated fatty acid foods is an excellent way to increase your HDL-Cholesterol levels.