Cholesterol Health Issues

Beware! Excessive Cholesterol Can Be Lethal!

Cholesterol is like poison mixed in blood, which accumulates gradually gnawing at a creature like a predator before gobbling him down in one smooth stroke. Dead, one falls and the story ends. To prolong the story is about learning what this flowing monster actually is and how can it be stopped from feeding itself into a giant.

Prevention, as they say, is the best cure. So it is in this case. Not all of it is bad. In fact, cholesterol is of two kinds- the good one and the bad one. This is because it is important for the proper functioning of the body in small measures but when there is excessive cholesterol buildup in the body, it plays spoilsport. And after a stage becomes plainly lethal.

Many of us have high cholesterol levels without our even coming to know about it. There are several factors responsible for it ranging from age to genetic makeup. Those who have crossed theĀ  age barrier of 50 are likely to have excess cholesterol because their bodies fail to dispose off excess cholesterol.

Then, there are those who really don't like looking at the figures their weighing machines return, for everytime it's a new figure and not a pleasant one at that. These people are also in the high-risk bracket. Not too far behind are those whose constant companion is a lit cigarette despite all medical and governmental warnings against it.

Excess cholesterol in blood may block the arteries and cause heart attack, which may prove lethal. The only effective weapon against it is avoidance of such food and lifestyle that promotes cholesterol buildup.

If you are a smoker, quit now. If you are a couch potato, shake a leg and if you love munching, avoid. Get up early in the morning and go for a walk or jog enjoying the dual benefits of smelling the refreshing morning air and reducing the chances of cholesterol accumulation.

Sedentary lifestyles do most of the harm. That's the reason why Cholesterol-related problems are actually a byproduct of high-speed, high-tension modern living. We can't help the lifestyle much, but can certainly add a few healthy habits to reduce the ill-effects.