Cholesterol Health Issues

Cardiovascular Disease amongst Children Is On the Rise

High cholesterol and cardiovascular disease were problems that were usually found in people after a certain age. Unfortunately, these two problems are being increasingly observed in people of younger age groups.

In many societies, obesity, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease is being increasingly observed in children, These children are the victims of a faulty diet and a lack of exercise. The conditions worsen when the children get older. Excess cholesterol deposit leads to clogged arteries as the plaque gets deposited on the walls of the arteries. This process narrows lumen of the arteries thus causing heart problems.

There are three factors that lead to high cholesterol in children. They could be improper diet, excessive consumption of cholesterol; rich and high calorie foods. In some cases the condition is on account of hereditary reasons. It is seen in most cases that the kids having high level of bad cholesterol, have parents who have a history of poor cholesterol metabolism.

As is the case with adults, blood cholesterol is ideally checked in children through lipid profile tests. In children, cholesterol level is high by a borderline margin if it measures between 170 to 199 mg/dL. It is considered to be exceptionally high if it exceeds 200mg/dL.

The best way to maintain normal cholesterol levels in children is to give them foods with low total and saturated fats and cholesterol. Green leafy vegetables and fruit should be incorporated in your child’s diet. Your child's food should be nutritious and the child should be encouraged to exercise and out of doors and not spend too much time in front of the TV or computer.

High cholesterol in children is a common problem and a proper cholesterol management can prevent your child from succumbing to cardiovascular disease.