Cholesterol Health Issues

Know More about Effects of High Blood Cholesterol

Very less people know that there is absolutely no need to supplement the amount of cholesterol required by our body. Whatever amount we need is sufficiently produced inside us. However, most of us cannot resist the temptation of eating cholesterol-rich food. As a result, total blood cholesterol shoots to dangerous levels.

Effects of high cholesterol could be really dangerous. And, so it is important for you to keep your cholesterol levels under control. You need to keep a close watch on your eating and lifestyle habits to be able to maintain optimum cholesterol levels. In absence of control, you could end up suffering from any of the following effects of high cholesterol:

* Risk of Development of Atherosclerosis: High levels of blood cholesterol can have an adverse impact upon the body. Since cholesterol is a waxy substance that tends to accumulate inside us, the biggest risk that it poses to our health is that of atherosclerosis. It is a medical condition in which artery walls thicken due to the build up of cholesterol and plaque in the inside of the artery walls.

* Risk of Coronary Disease: Coronary disease (or coronary heart disease) refers to the medical situation in which blood circulation to cardiac muscle and surrounding tissue gets affected drastically. High levels of blood cholesterol decrease the size of arteries as a result of which the amount of blood reaching the muscles and tissues drops down rapidly. The biggest impact which this reduction of blood circulation can have is cardiac arrest.

Why are cholesterol-related diseases so dangerous is because they are asymptomatic. This means that their symptoms are not visible till the time the disease has reached a state of maturity. If left unattended any further, they can cause the death of the person.

However, they can be cured, if detected in time. Life-saving treatment can be administered even at an advanced stage. However, it is better that things are not allowed to reach such a level.

You could well avoid suffering from advanced consequences of high cholesterol with the help of appropriate therapeutic lifestyle changes. This would usually involve reducing the consumption of dietary cholesterol, increasing the amount of physical activity undertaken in a day and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. A regular medical check up to check levels of triglycerides , LDL cholesterol , HDL cholesterol and fatty acids is also an absolute must to keep cholesterol-related diseases at bay.