Cholesterol Health Issues

Keep in check the Blood Cholesterol Ratio to avoid Cardiovascular Risk!

Your blood cholesterol ratio is an important factor to decide your cardiovascular risks. It is therefore very important to have a complete review of these factors. This ratio could be a wakeup call for you about the cardiovascular disaster. According to the medical statistics, there are some stunning revelations about the coronary heart problem which is termed as one of the biggest menace across the globe lately.

Since the coronary heart problem due to the high cholesterol has become the number one killer wave in the US, it is giving jitters to medical fraternity. The ratio of HDL/LDL in a person’s body determines the cardiac risk factors. This ratio also determines the arteriosclerosis, coronary heard disease, coronary artery disease ad many other cardiovascular disorders. In case, your LDL/HDL ratio is less than 2.5, it can definitely be a risk factor. In case the ratio is more than 2.5, it can again be a trouble.

It is therefore important to know that HDL cholesterol ratio helps to predict the atherosclerosis. The ideal ratio for both the men and women is 4. The medical practitioners use the ratio of the total cholesterol to the HDL cholesterol which they take as the ideal test instead of the total blood cholesterol test.

With the help of HDL and LDL ratio, the doctors come to some important conclusions. The HDL is considered to be a good cholesterol while the LDL cholesterol is considered bad. The reason for this is that it leads to the clogged arteries which creates disturbance in the operation of the cardiovascular system. The LDL/HDL ratio is considered to be accurate ratio.

When it comes to getting the total cholesterol HDL ratio, it is an easy process. Generally, the concentration levels of three types of cholesterol in the blood are measured. The total cholesterol ratio is the combined sum of HDL+LDL+VLDL which is the total measurement of cholesterol.

Cholesterol ratio depends on the diet patterns and many other hereditary behaviors of the person. Medical science has revealed that lower LDL ratio will decrease heart attack risk and plant sterols are effective in the reduction of the risk of high cholesterol levels.