Cholesterol Health Issues

Watch Out For High Triglyceride Levels in Your Bloodstream

High blood triglycerides levels lead to an increased coronary artery disease and may pave the way for cardiovascular disease.  It is because high level of triglycerides can lead to various complications for the body. After the age of 35, each individual should undergo a lipid profile test to determine if the blood triglyceride level is above normal.

Triglyceride is a kind of fat or to be more specific it is the chemical form of fat that exists in the body. Triglycerides come from the foods that we eat and from the fat that is stored as adipose tissue in our bodies,

Triglycerides are a source of energy that help the body to draw nutrients in between meals or when the body is deprived of normal nutrition, A normal level of triglycerides is what the body requires. In fact, the risk of high triglyceride level can be easily reduced if we watch what we eat, and consume fatty foods in moderation.

A high triglyceride level combined with a high blood cholesterol level is a very dangerous situation and calls for modifications in diet, exercise and in some cases medication.

The condition, as a result of high triglycerides is known as hypertriglyceridemia. High level of untreated diabetes mellitus can also lead to occurrence of excess triglycerides which can lead to complications for the body. That is why high triglyceride level should always be treated properly and quickly. At the same time, cholesterol management is also necessary so that the combination of high level of triglycerides and cholesterol does not result in cardiovascular diseases and cardiac risk.