Cholesterol Advice

How Cholesterol Affects Your Sex Life?

Cholesterol and sex life- to many this may seem like an imaginary connection. However, the truth is that cholesterol and sex life are related to each other. High cholesterol levels not just impact your physical health but have an adverse effect on your sex life also. Let us understand the relationship between cholesterol and sex life in detail.

For a healthy sex life, certain signs of sexual arousal are a must. The primary signs of arousal include penile erection and vaginal lubrication. In healthy individuals, these signs occur automatically. The blood flows in a heavy volume to the genitals causing these signs of arousal. However, if you are suffering from the problem of high cholesterol, then you may not experience these signs as naturally.

The reason for the same is that cholesterol builds up in the blood vessels of the genitals. A cholesterol build up may also be prevalent in the arteries that are connected to the genitals. As a result, enough blood is unable to reach the genitals. This is why people suffering from high cholesterol problems usually have problems in arousal.

As a matter of fact, blood flow problems as a result of high cholesterol can lead to inability to develop erection in men. There are several studies and researches that state that erectile dysfunction can be a result of high cholesterol. Going by the findings of these studies, some doctors are also of the view that men suffering from erectile dysfunction must undergo a cholesterol screening test.

Recently, a British study was conducted to ascertain the relationship between high cholesterol and erectile dysfunction. The study was carried on 20 men suffering from erectile dysfunction. As per the findings of the study, 18 of the 20 men who were studied had high levels of LDL or Low Density Lipoprotein (also known as bad cholesterol).

The problem of high cholesterol affects sexual activity in not just men but also women. However, the relationship between cholesterol and sexual activity is slightly less clear in women. A recent Italian study states that women with high cholesterol levels are twice as likely to experience sexual dysfunction as compared to women with normal lipid levels. The study states that women with high cholesterol levels may experience lesser arousal, lubrication, orgasm and even dysfunction.

With all this, it is quite clear that there is some relationship between the problem of high cholesterol and sex life of an individual. In case, you are suffering from sexual problems, then a cholesterol screening is a must. Also, make sure that you talk to your physician about the same.