Cholesterol Advice

Some Facts about C Reactive Protein!

When it comes to the treatment of high level of cholesterol, a lot of drug companies are in field to provide you a host of drugs. Amongst some of the popular drugs include zocor and liptor. According to some statistics, the medications being used to reduce the cholesterol levels are one of the highest market grosser companies in the world.

In this connection, it would be good to know that that the high level of the LDL is not the only predator of the heart disease. The high levels of the reactive protein are also responsible to a large extent for the wide variety of heart problems. Since the body produces the C reactive protein at the time of inflammation, people tend to have high levels of C reactive proteins.

As for C reactive proteins, the doctors are not exactly sure about it and cannot understand why some people have low levels of C protein. Since high C reactive protein is linked to the heart ailments, it can cause stroke, heart attack or a sudden death.

It is therefore recommended to have a complete test of C reactive protein which will determine the heart disease symptoms. The New England journal of medicine reports that high levels of C protein can create cardiovascular problems which may be even worse than the problems posed by the elevated LDL cholesterol levels. The American Heart Association, too, vouch this fact.

As for the test of c reactive protein level, it is an easy process and the first step is to take the blood sample. After this, the sample is sent for the lab analysis which is not much expensive. The doctors believe that this protein is a very powerful predictor of heart disease. However, the biggest drawback is that not many patients opt for this test and that is where the problem lies.  

These days, various pharmaceutical companies offer many statin drugs to lower the cholesterol levels. These companies do the advertisements of these drugs and do not call for the C protein tests since the it is not a money making business for them. You have to be careful that some drugs are also dangerous and never take them without prescription.