Cholesterol Advice

Why LDL Is So Bad A Cholesterol

Cholesterol happens to be an essential part of your body and its presence is very much important for normal functioning of cells and other functions of body. But the old saying “Excess of every thing is bad'' happens to be relevant even for cholesterol. If cholesterol level goes beyond the normal level, instead of working as facilitator of normal functioning of body it becomes an impediment and gives way to various complications. These complications happen mainly due to high level of LDL cholesterol.

Cholesterol is usually of two types HDL or good cholesterol and LDL or bad cholesterol. High density cholesterol is not that harmful while low density cholesterol turns out to be a great problem when its level soars above the normal.

High level of low density cholesterol may give way to coronary artery diseases and host of other cardiovascular problems. Particularly in diabetics, low density cholesterol becomes a factor in their reduced longevity. In diabetics LDL cholesterol units usually combine with blood sugar units to form arterial plaque. Because of this plaque formation in arteries there exist greater chances of stroke and coronary heart disease as arteries get blocked. Thus LDL cholesterol could be termed real culprit for causing Atherosclerosis.

The level of LDL cholesterol in normal folks ranges between hundred to hundred and thirty mg/dL. If LDL cholesterol level happens to be above hundred and thirty mg/dL, it's time of action to keep cholesterol level under control. If level of LDL has gone up to 160mg/ you are very likely to suffer from a stroke or other cardiovascular complication.

Another form of Plasma LDL cholesterol is Lp(a) cholesterol that happens to be a genetically varied form of LDL. It 's presence quickens the process of plaque formation or fat deposition in arteries.

Most of the high cholesterol complications such as hypertension is due to high level of LDL. High LDL level in old age along with hypertension often results in Alzheimer.

All obese folks, folks under stress and folks with an irregular diet routine could develop high level of LDL anytime. In order to keep yourself away from this bad cholesterol you need to be very conscious about not consuming fat and lipid rich products. It's better if you acquaint yourself with foods that may result in excess deposition of bad cholesterol.

Once you identify yourself with high level of LDL, you can start consuming foods or products that naturally reduce LDL. For example, ginger and niacin rich products could be consumed in plenty as these work as LDL reducing agents.

So beware of this bad cholesterol to keep yourself away from a host of diseases.