Cholesterol Treatment

Some Exercises for Lowering Cholesterol

The general presumption widely prevailing is that exercising can help lower cholesterol. While there is no concrete ground upon which it can be proved, it has been indicated that losing weight does have an effect on the level of cholesterol in the blood stream. Regular exercise can help in loosing weight and thus reducing cholesterol.

Another indicator that suggests a relation between exercise and reduction in cholesterol is the increased size of protein molecules. Researchers indicate that exercising increases the size of cholesterol carrying proteins. This helps in a faster rate of expulsion of cholesterol molecules. Keeping both the above factors in mind, it can be said that exercising does have an impact upon cholesterol levels in the blood.

Types of Exercises that You Can Do
Brisk Walking: Brisk walking for about 30 minutes-1 hour can help you in moderating your blood cholesterol. Other similar types of light exercise that you can do are jogging, cycling, and swimming.

Cardio-exercises: If you intend to slightly increase the rate of expelling cholesterol from your body then cardio-exercises are the best. These types of exercise include aerobics and running. The period for which you need to do them depends upon your lung capacity. These exercises would really test your ability to hold your breath while doing some intensive workout.

Weight-training: Weight-training is something which can phenomenally increase your rate of expelling cholesterol from your body. The resistance encountered by the body at the time of lifting weights takes a lot of energy to overcome. Weight loss would be rapid if you can somehow garner this energy from different parts of your body.

What Exercise Regime Should I Follow?
Exercising is not limited to simply the type of exercise done. The amount of weight lost (and the cholesterol expelled) also depends upon the exercise regime followed. For light weight and cardio-exercises, it is recommended that you follow a six-day-a-week regime with a minimum of 30 minute workout session everyday. Take Sunday off.

For those who are doing weight training, it is essential to understand the pattern of weight loss-you burn some fat and you make some muscle. Keeping this objective in mind, it is recommended for weight trainers that they do weight training on three alternate days and do cardio-exercises on the remaining day, Sunday being off.

How Shall I Begin?
If you haven't done any type of exercise for quite a long time, it is best that you begin with moving your body. Walk long distances, take the stairs, and do some running. Shift to jogging or other similar exercises once your body muscles feel accustomed to different types of movements. Move to cardio-exercises once you are able to hold your breath for extended periods. Weight-training would come last as it is energy-intensive and your body does not have that kind of energy right at the beginning.