Cholesterol Treatment

How DASH Diet Works to Reduce Cholesterol?

Initially developed for lowering hypertension or prehypertension the DASH diet has proved to be of great help to people dealing with high cholesterol levels. The DASH or the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension has proved to lower cholesterol levels by an average of 7.3 percent. This diet plan can also work on high LDL levels and bring down your LDL or bad cholesterol by 9%.

What is DASH diet plan?
If you are considering this diet plan to reduce your cholesterol, first of all you should know what it comprises of. The DASH diet plan basically relies more on fruits and vegetables. It also advocates the consumption of dairy products that are low fat. Other than that, you are also supposed to consume low cholesterol foods as per the diet. This diet basically aims at healthy eating and this is why even the American Heart Institution recommends it.

While you may be on a fixed diet regime, you must make sure that your body is not deprived of the essential nutrients. This diet provides enough calcium, magnesium and potassium to keep your body in a healthy state. Other than taking care of your vital nutrients, you must also take note of the fat intake as suggested by the DASH diet plan. The diet plan strictly advocates the use of monosaturated fats.

The DASH diet incorporates more of food with rich fiber content. Fiber not just aids in the digestion process but is also known to reduce cholesterol. Along with high fiber diet, the DASH diet also recommends cutting down on food that are rich in sugar. A high fiber and low sugar diet helps to bring down cholesterol level considerably.

If you were adhering to the DASH diet, then you would be allowed to consume carbohydrates, which would be 10% of your total diet. Though this is a meager amount and is easily permissible, replacing this 10% carbohydrate with lean protein or monosaturated fat would be an even healthier option. This will help you ensure a even healthier heart.

You may be taking care of your diet will help control cholesterol levels, but a balanced diet alone may not be sufficient. You need to keep place for regular exercise as well. The DASH diet completely understands this concept and thus asks you to make appropriate lifestyle changes and exercise on a regular basis. So while you eat right, you need to exercise right too.

DASH diet scores over other diet plans for various reasons. One, it not just advocates healthy eating but suggests a completely healthy lifestyle. Two, the diet plan is flexible unlike others making it easier for people to stick to it.

A DASH is all that you need to keep those high cholesterol levels away.