Cholesterol Treatment

Crestor Helps Combat Cholesterol

There are a number of patented drugs available in the the market which help you fight cholesterol and its bad impacts on your body. One such product is Rosuvastatin which has been developed by Shionogi. The product is sold in most countries by AstraZaneca under the name Crestor. The only notable exception is India where it is sold under the name- Rozavel by Sun Pharma.

How it works

* Crestor is primarily used to treat three main kinds of problems:
* LDL Cholesterol
* Total Cholesterol
* Triglycerides

Being one of the statins, the mode of working of Crestor is not something innovative. It works like any other competitive inhibitor. The main focus of this medication is to work to control the levels of HMG-CoA reductase enzyme. Once consumed, Crestor reaches the peak of its effect in anywhere between 3 to 5 hours. Crestor reaches its effective elimination half life in just about 19 hours.

To combat cholesterol effectively, Crestor should be consumed in appropriate quantities. The effectiveness is directly related to the dose consumed. During the clinical trials, it was found that a 10 mg dose of Crestor can reduce cholesterol by as much as 46 %. It was further found that if consumption was increased to 40 mg, the effectiveness against cholesterol rose by another 9 %, making it 55 % effective over the baseline cholesterol levels in the body. This is among the best results ever achieved by such medication.

Crestor is available in the market as an over the counter tablet, though you may have to produce a prescription in some cases. You can take the medicine by directly swallowing it or you may powder it, dissolve it in water and drink it. You have to take atleast one dose every 24 hours. If you miss your regular dose, you may take it afterwards. Please note that if you have missed the dose by a substatial time lag and it is time for your next dose already, you may skip the missed dose altogether.

Crestor is easily available in most of the countries. The tablets are approved for use in United States since August 12, 2003. The medicine is approved in 154 countries and is being sold in more than 54 of these. Generally you will get it in tablet form of 5 to 40 mg capacities. In Japan, the tablet is available in 2.5 mg to 20 mg range. In most cases, you will find Crestor tablets to be either at or below the 20 mg mark. Each tablet is coated with film and carries the code - ZD4522, along with the strength of the tablet.