Cholesterol Treatment

Lescol XL- Synthetic Treatment For Cholesterol Problems

A number of cholesterol lowering agents are available in the market upon required prescription. Among these, Lescol XL is very popular and effective. It is being prescribed by thousands of physicians worldwide to the benefit of patients. The generic name of Lescol XL is Fluvastatin Sodium.

Lescol is available in the market as capsules with either 20 mg or 40 mg of base chemical. Lescol XL is available in tablet form which adds sodium to the Fluvastatin base. These are extended-release tablets with 80 mg of Fluvastatin and tablets are to be taken orally.

Standard Dosage
Lescol XL has to be taken once every day and you can take it on an empty stomach. It is sometimes advised that you eat something before the medicine but this may not be necessary. You may directly swallow the tablet or you may powder the tablet and dissolve it in water (Lescol is water soluble) and drink the concentrate. It is also recommended that you keep on taking Lescol for a prolonged period for lasting effects.

Diet with Lescol
If your doctor has prescribed this medicine to you, it must be accompanied with a low cholesterol diet. Your diet should contain a lot of fruits and vegetables as well as fibrous material. Stay away from fried food and anything which has a high fat content. As much as you may hate it, Lescol is only effective if you become a calorie counter. This diet regimen should continue for the entire duration of the treatment and for at least six months afterwards.

Some contraindications of Lescol XL have been notified by its makers. Women who are pregnant or who plan to conceive in the period of treatment should not be prescribed this medicine. Further more, any person who is suffering from liver problems should not be prescribed this medicine either. Separate blood tests might be needed to see if a person has a strong enough liver to withstand the effects of this medicine.

Common Side Effects
Novartis, the manufacturer of this medicine has declared that the medicine may cause some minor side effects in some people. The known side effects of Lescol XL include pain in stomach or an upset stomach - amounting to diarrhea in some cases, headache, pain in muscles in some cases, infection in sinus, minor cases of insomnia and tiredness in general.

You must know that Lescol XL is a prescription medicine and it can not be sold over the counter. You have to show a prescription from a registered medical practitioner before you can buy it. In addition to this, some states may limit the number of tablets you can buy at a time. If you are planning to travel abroad, make sure that you stockpile enough tablets to last your trip.