Cholesterol Treatment

Lipitor – A Brief Overview

Informing yourself about the advantages and possible side-effects of the drug Lipitor is highly recommended before you start taking the drug.  The drug is a cholesterol lowering medication, belonging to the group of statin drugs.  It is one of the most widely prescribed of drugs for lowering cholesterol and is known to reduce bad cholesterol by as much as 60%.

The drug works by blocking an enzyme in the liver, which is used to produce cholesterol. As a result of lower production of cholesterol, the liver uses the cholesterol from the blood. The drug is effective in reducing the risks of clogged arteries, heart disease and stroke as it reduces the levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and increases the levels of HDL cholesterol. I

‘Lipitor’ should never be taken without the prescription of a medical practitioner. It is also very important to let your physician examine and question you on issues related to overall health, other medication and the amount of alcohol that you consume on a daily basis. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should never use this drug as it may do more harm than good.

Although the drug by itself is very effective in lowering cholesterol, it is important to make modifications to your diet and lifestyle. This will ensure that your cholesterol levels remain within safe limits once you stop using the drug.