Cholesterol Treatment

Lopid Helps Balance Your Cholesterol Levels

Lopid is one of the most well known medications used to treat abnormal cholesterol levels. It is available under the generic name Gemfibrozil. In some countries, it is also sold under the name Jezil or Gen-Fibro. The medication is used worldwide and has been acclaimed for its effectiveness by many premiere medical bodies and institutions across the globe. Lopid is available in United States in tablets which can be admininstered orally. You have to take these tablets at least twice a day. If you miss one, you can take it as soon as you remember.

How it works
The primary purpose of this medicine is to regulate the carbohydrates and fats in the human body.It is also involved in differentiation of adipose tissue, a secondary still very important task. The approach is to boost the clearance of triglycerides from the body by improving the synthesis of lipoprotein lipase.

Positive effects
Lopid is known as one of the most effective medications to treat unbalanced cholesterol levels in the body. Among its many positive effects, the major one are lowering of triglyceride in body and lowering of Very low density lipoprotein (VLDL). At the same time, this medication also helps reduce Low density lipoprotein (LDL) to a certain extent. Another effects is modest increase in the levels of High density lipoprotein (HDL) in the body.

Some Causes of Concern
For all its effectiveness, no drug is completely free from side effects. They may be minor or rare, but they are still present. This is not an exception in the case of Lopid either. There are some causes of concern related to usage of Lopid. Of the cases where some problems have been reported, the most common have been either GI distress or Musculoskeletal pain. Some cases of Hypokalemia or increase in the possibility of gallstone have also come to light. Anecdotal cases of increase in the risk of cancer have also been reported but any substantial evidence of such a possibility is still evasive.

People averse to Lopid
Continuous medical research has helped reveal the demographic profiles of people who are averse to Lopid. People who suffer from either Hepatic dysfunction or Renal dysfunction should not be given Lopid at all.

In addition to this, Lopid may be used, but with extra caution, among people who suffer from biliary tract disease. Further caution should be exercised when it is given to people who are obese, pregnant women and aboriginal residents of the American continent (Native Americans).

To be most effective, Lopid should be taken at least 30 minutes before consumption of a regular meal. Interestingly. Lopid has numerous chemical, pharmacological, and clinical similarities with clofibrate. This effectively means that all the advantages and concerns that apply to one have the strong possibility of being applicable to other as well.