Cholesterol Treatment

Lower Cholesterol With Niaspan- Vitamin B Complex

Niacin, sold under the market name Niaspan, is one of the FDA approved drugs used for treatment of high cholesterol levels in body and problems arising thereof. When used with all recommended care and precautions, it can deliver significant results with regard to controlling levels of cholesterol in human body.

In addition to this, the medication can also be used for treatment and prevention of problems like Pellagra or deficiency of Niacin in human body. At its very core, Niacin is just a vitamin from the B-complex.

Proper Consumption of Niaspan
To get the best results from Niaspan and to ensure that you do not get any side effects or other negative impacts related to the medicine, it is a must to consume the medicine in a proper manner. Niaspan is available in the form of tablets, both- normal and extended release type. If you are taking the regular tablet, you will have to take at least 2 to 3 tablets in a day. Generally this has to be done with every meal. As opposed to this, the extended release tablet is consumed once a day as you go to bed. It has to be taken with your dinner.

You must understand that theses tablets are to be swallowed and should not be chewed or broken. At the beginning, your doctor will put you on a restricted intake of Niaspan. This will gradually increase as your doctor gets sure that your body is taking the new mode of Niacin intake well. You should keep on taking Niacin, even after you think you have recovered because one that this may be a longer problem than is visible at first look and two, these are just vitamins, and thus not really harmful.

Known Side Effects
Being consumed as a medicine means that there is a possibility of some side effects in consumption of Niacin. Commonly noticed cases of Niaspan side effects include a headache, bad stomach, cases of itching or burning sensation in skin, temporary blurring of the vision. In addition to these, some cases of vomiting, heartburn and diarrhea have also surfaced.

In rare cases, the side effects may be severe. If you are experiencing dizziness, feel as if you will faint, if there is an increase in your heart rate or if your skin or eyes tend to go yellow, you must immediately get in touch with a doctor.

Dietary Concerns
Special diet is necessary if you are taking Niaspan. You must eat only those things which have low fat content and low amounts of cholesterol in them. After all it is the high cholesterol level in your body which you are trying to get rid of. There is not much point taking Niaspan if you are not going to control what you eat!