Cholesterol Treatment

Medical Treatment for High cholesterol

If you have not been able to lower your cholesterol level by following a low cholesterol diet and exercising, you may need a medical treatment. The medical treatment for high cholesterol usually includes various cholesterol medications. In cases of some women a therapy also has to be performed.

There are different types of medications used as a high cholesterol medical treatment.

Usually the doctors will prescribe you to use some statins. Statins are the most effective form of medication for reducing the body’s cholesterol level. They control the body’s cholesterol production and lower it down by introducing a HMG-COs reductus enzyme into the body.  This enzyme also enables the liver to remove the LDL cholesterol inside the blood in a more effective way.

The statins can lower down the body’s LDL cholesterol level by almost 25 percent. They also help to boost the HDL cholesterol level in the body.

Stanols and sterols
Both Stanols and Sterols are very similar to the cholesterol in their structure. They can easily block the cholesterol from absorbing into the body’s bloodstream. They also cause the cholesterol to excrete from the body and reduce the LDL cholesterol level in the body.

Niacin/Nicotin acids
Niacin is form of vitamin that is easily soluble in water. There are two types of Niacin/Nicotin acid, immediate release and extended release. The immediate release form is easily available but is not to be used without prescription because of the side effects.

The right dose of Niacin can lower down the triglycerides and the LDL cholesterol to a modest level. It can also increase the HDL cholesterol level modestly even when taken in a small dose.

Fibric acids/Fibrates
The fibric acids are included in the Medical treatment because they tend to lower down the level of triglycerides significantly. They also have a positive effect on the HDL cholesterol level.

Bile acid sequestrants
The Bile acid sequestraints work in tandem with the bile acids inside the intestine to reduce the body’s LDL cholesterol level. They can easily bring the LDL level down by almost 20 percent. Even its mall doses are very effective. These drugs taken along with statins can also help to reduce the cholesterol production the body.

In the case of women who have had their menopause, a Hormone Replacement Therapy is also advised. Usually the menopause causes a loss of estrogen in the body. In the therapy the estrogen and progestin hormones in the body are replaced.

If you are undergoing a medical treatment for high cholesterol, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to control cholesterol. You have to take a low cholesterol diet and exercise daily. You also have to avoid consuming alcohol and smoking. This way your treatment will yield good results and you will be able to control your cholesterol levels forever.